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35 Before 35


Hello 34!

Yup, it’s my birthday today. Holy crap… 34.

And here is 35 things I hope to achieve before I turn 35 next year.

  01. Get another tattoo… or two
  02. Be able to do a handstand
  03. Do a photo a day on IG for a year
  04. Get my driver’s license
  05. Knit an infinity scarf
  06. Do the Body Boss program and complete it (including pre-training)
  07. Really learn how to read tarot cards
  08. Go camping
  09. Grow my hair past current record
  10. Adopt another cat
  11. Have 6+ house plants
  12. Be in four states at once
  13. Be an “interior decorator” for a friend
  14. Visit filming locations of The Goonies in and around Astoria, Washington
  15. Host a craft night
  16. Be a hair model
  17. Do an ASL music video
  18. Host a fondue dinner
  19. Create a non-profit website
  20. Have a vacation with an old friend or two
  21. Participate in the Zombie Walk
  22. Have $—- in my savings account for emergencies
  23. Lose 50 pounds
  24. Create two capsule wardrobes (spring/summer and cold rainy season)
  25. Build a snowman
  26. Find a boyfriend (Cheesy, I know but I want to have kid(s) eventually and there isn’t much time left!)
  27. Crochet a blanket
  28. Re-read the entire Harry Potter book series
  29. Go sky-diving
  30. Take a float plane to Vancouver
  31. Photograph a sunrise and a sunset in the same day
  32. Go in a sensory deprivation tank
  33. Go on a road trip
  34. Do 5 new 1000-piece puzzles
  35. Plan something for my 35th birthday

(I will come back to this post and update it whenever I achieve one.)


Make Nine Challenge

Make Nine Challenge

Found this challenge through a friend on Instagram and was intrigued! Basically, I choose nine things I want to create in the new year and try to achieve them all by the end of 2019. Here’s what I’ve chosen!

1. Plumpy (pattern by Andrea Mowry)
2. Double Bump Dishcloth (pattern by Missy Angus)
3. Burton Bear Cowl (pattern by Heidi May)
4. IKEA hack: Buy a white lack coffee table and attach stained cedar planks on top.
5. Loch Ness Monster (by Hannah Hathaway)
6. Floral monogram on a wood panel with a solid white frame.
7. DIY Printed Mini Dress (by Geneva Vanderzeil)
8. DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters (by Michael Wurm Jr.)
9. Two Drifters Fidra (pattern by Gudrun Johnston)

Once I’ve completed each one of them, I will share it here!

The first wealth is health.

All I can say about the past two months… ugh. Venting, begin.

– I ended up deciding to move back to Victoria after my summer job in Vancouver. I realized that it was just impossible to settle there on my own… it’s CRAZY expensive living there and the jobs I could find wouldn’t pay enough. Hopefully someday I’ll get a good opportunity. In the meantime, I’m okay living in Victoria, it’s much preferred anyway. Vancouver is too “city” for me. I sure will miss my Vancouver friends though!!

– I had an interview with Starbucks here in the spring in case my summer job didn’t hire me. Both ended up hiring me after all so the manager at Starbucks said I have a place if I end up returning to Victoria afterwards. Well, I returned so I emailed her twice, no reply.  Since I returned, I’ve applied to at least 10-15 places. No luck. Good thing I have occasional respite work and graphic design work to keep me afloat.

– I went off birth control, it was making me gain more than I should have. My hormones were CRAZY for a while too.


It’s getting much better though. I also went through a really bad vertigo episode in August then I experienced dizziness with ringing ears at least every other day for quite a while. It is now down to once a week. This episode heightened my anxiety, I was almost always afraid it’d happen again and didn’t go out much. That has improved over time as well.

Venting, end.


Clearly, I needed to find something to do to keep myself sane until I have a job and a stable routine. So I’m going to completely focus on improving myself and get myself healthy as I can be. I also hope to lose 50 pounds.

I’ve decided to start transitioning to a vegan diet. I already don’t eat dairy except for the occasional sprinkle of cheese (rare!) which is making this change easy. So far I’ve only ate meat (only chicken or turkey) once a week in three weeks. I cut out eggs completely for three weeks now too. Hoping for zero animal products in my diet by December.

I bought the Body Boss Fitness guide as a birthday gift to myself almost a year ago. It’s a 12-week step-by-step exercise program. I LOVE it even though I have yet been able to do the full 12 weeks. I’ve attempted it many times and things keep coming up which made me have to stop for a week or so each time! I am now going to attempt it once again, and hopefully this time nothing comes up to hinder it.

I also will be walking for an hour daily.

To document my process, I will be posting regularly on Instagram – @chipsandsmoothies – and posting a Youtube video every two months.

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