Make Nine Challenge

Found this challenge through a friend on Instagram and was intrigued! Basically, I choose nine things I want to create in the new year and try to achieve them all by the end of 2019. Here’s what I’ve chosen!

1. Plumpy (pattern by Andrea Mowry)
2. Double Bump Dishcloth (pattern by Missy Angus)
3. Burton Bear Cowl (pattern by Heidi May)
4. IKEA hack: Buy a white lack coffee table and attach stained cedar planks on top.
5. Loch Ness Monster (by Hannah Hathaway)
6. Floral monogram on a wood panel with a solid white frame.
7. DIY Printed Mini Dress (by Geneva Vanderzeil)
8. DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters (by Michael Wurm Jr.)
9. Two Drifters Fidra (pattern by Gudrun Johnston)

Once I’ve completed each one of them, I will share it here!