A dear friend of mine’s birthday is today… HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXIS!  I found this story I hand-wrote in a notebook many, many years ago… 20 to be almost exact. Enjoy! You’ll definitely get some laughs… if you like scary stories. 

The Creature

(written on February 25, 1998)

Alexis’ parents asked her and Nina to go get some wood in the woods. They said to take Oweesta and follow the footprints from Gord the other day. Alexis and Nina took the flashlight and got Oweesta then followed the footprints. The dog kept running farther and back. Alexis and Nina kept looking down on the prints and didn’t even look up. That was because it was pitch dark! And scary! They got to the woods. Alexis and Nina were so scared they never noticed Oweesta was not there. The way to the wood pile was right but they went left because they saw red spots in the snow so the girls followed it. Nina noticed the dog wasn’t there so she yelled, “Oweesta!” over and over again. Alexis kept walking farther. A minute later, Alexis ran back to Nina crying. She looked like she saw a ghost. Alexis walked behind Nina as she walked to see what was there. “Ahhhhhh!” screamed Nina as she saw… Oweesta lying dead in front of Nina and Alexis. Oweesta had a hole in her side and there was a puddle of blood around the dog in the snow. Alexis started to run. Nina followed along. Alexis was so scared she never looked back. When Alexis got into the house, Gord asked her where Nina was. Alexis, Tiffanie, Gord and Jumbo went to look for Nina. Jumbo ran farther and ran back whining. They knew something was wrong! Tiffanie followed Jumbo to the problem. Gord heard Tiffanie screaming and ran to her. Alexis followed behind. Alexis ran faster and gasped. Gord arrived and he was shocked. There was Nina lying on the ground with her head chewed off. Asker, Alexis’ other dog, was there with bloody teeth growling and then Asker attacked Jumbo. Jumbo was dead. Then she attacked Gord, then Tiffanie. Alexis was last. She started running, screaming for her mom. Asker chased her. When Alexis got in the house, slammed the door, she told her mom what happened. Her mom, Sharon did not believe her. It was too late, Asker got in and attacked her mom. Alexis ran to the rich people next door and wrote what’s wrong. They phoned the police and they came. Luckily, one of the policemen knew sign language. Alexis was asked to show her dad, mom, Nina, Tiffanie, Jumbo, and Oweesta but she was too scared. Finally, they convinced her to do it. The paramedics and some policemen went with her. Alexis was shaking as she walked. First, she showed Oweesta. One of the paramedics took Oweesta back. Then to Nina, then Gord, then Jumbo, then Tiffanie, and finally Sharon. Two policemen went to look for Asker. Alexis took Sushi from the cage in the backyard. She went to stay at her cousin, Mitchell’s house because now she has no family, only Sushi. Two days later, in the morning, Alexis woke up and went down the stairs. “Surprise!!!” yelled her aunt, uncle, Sharon, Gord, Tiffanie, and Nina. Jumbo, Oweesta, Asker, the paramedics, and the policemen was there. “Mom! Dad! I thought you were dead! Nina! How did you get your head back on??” Alexis was surprised and confused. “We just wanted to test your bravery. You were brave. You never gave up! I’m sooo proud of you!” said Sharon. Alexis, since that day, was never afraid of the woods!

The End!