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Life Update

Thought I’d do an update to my dilemma vlog in a blog post.

After a lot of thinking and taking in all of my friends/family’s advice, knowing that I have tons of fantastic skills in graphic design and a good portfolio as well, I’ve decided on a plan for the next few months.

 1. Withdraw from Community, Family, & Child Studies. I will truly miss everyone I got to know through the program.
 2. Create a print portfolio.
 3. Do some upcoming work throughout the next few months.
 4. Search for a job in Vancouver to pay the bills.
 5. Move to Vancouver. Sometime in mid-June.
 6. While I work, build my little freelance business and online presence.

This is mostly due to how my spark of creativity in Graphic Design has returned. I just can’t ignore that, it has been my number one dream to do Graphic Design for a living and I can finally do it. It is also due to my not being happy at all living in Victoria with zero Deaf friends and not being able to live my life the best I want to. I need to make a change, badly. I LOVE Victoria very very much, it’s my most favourite city I’ve ever lived in… it’s just not enough. I need Deaf culture & ASL to thrive. I definitely have a lot to do before I move and there is a lot of changes happening. But I’m very confident and happy in my decisions!

To infinity and beyond!


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