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Running TV Shows

I’ve watched a shit ton of TV shows, A SHIT TON. So that means this list is forever-changing but as of March 3rd, here’s my top five favourite running television shows in alphabetic order.


A fantasy drama about a bunch of clans battling for the throne.
Why I love it: This show does not hold back on the gore-ness. AND… so much girl power!
Winter has arrived.


A drama about a woman with super-human strength and endurance trying to rebuild her life.
Why I love it: Gritty and real. Finally, a female superhero show! Sure, there’s Supergirl but that show is too talky and upbeat.
Her sarcasm is the best.


A Canadian comedy about a rich family who went through bankruptcy and were forced to moved to a small town they once bought as a joke.
Why I love it: The humour kills me.
These two… kills me. Best on-screen sibling duo EVER.


A dramedy about a dysfunctional family dealing with life.
Why I love it: Real. Hilarious. Dirty, both literally and figuratively. Never ceases to surprise me every episode, even though I should expect that they always constantly do one shameless thing after another.
My exact feeling after every episode.


A science fiction/horror show about a group of kids fighting the upside down.
Winona Ryder’s acting skills is TOP SHELF.


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