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This was especially hard to do. Only five?! I’m definitely going to have to post a few more to be able to include all of my favourites. So here are the first top five instagrammers! (In no particular order.)


Nina Dobrev: We not only share the same name but we also share the same spirit, humour, and life perspective. Her instagram posts are an awesome variety of work, friends/family, animals, social justice, and more! Nina is so full of life. Unlike many celebrities’ instagrams online (cough*fakers*cough), hers is a perfect rendition of who she is.

Hannah Shaw: KITTENS GALORE! She constantly posts about kittens she resuces, travelling across the country educating others, and occasional shots of three adorable resident cats. Hannah’s drive for rescuing kittens is truly amazing. And her fashion sense is the bomb.

Andrew Knapp: And most especially, his dog Momo. Andrew posts GORGEOUS photos of their travels across the world. My favourites are the ones where Momo hides in the shot for us viewers to find!

Charla Vail: Her hair and style constantly inspires me! Charla’s artistic style is one of my favourites! She also has the two most adorable and lovable dogs I’ve ever seen, Melon & Bear.
Melly Eats World: MACARONS. Enough said.

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