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The first wealth is health.

All I can say about the past two months… ugh. Venting, begin.

– I ended up deciding to move back to Victoria after my summer job in Vancouver. I realized that it was just impossible to settle there on my own… it’s CRAZY expensive living there and the jobs I could find wouldn’t pay enough. Hopefully someday I’ll get a good opportunity. In the meantime, I’m okay living in Victoria, it’s much preferred anyway. Vancouver is too “city” for me. I sure will miss my Vancouver friends though!!

– I had an interview with Starbucks here in the spring in case my summer job didn’t hire me. Both ended up hiring me after all so the manager at Starbucks said I have a place if I end up returning to Victoria afterwards. Well, I returned so I emailed her twice, no reply.  Since I returned, I’ve applied to at least 10-15 places. No luck. Good thing I have occasional respite work and graphic design work to keep me afloat.

– I went off birth control, it was making me gain more than I should have. My hormones were CRAZY for a while too.


It’s getting much better though. I also went through a really bad vertigo episode in August then I experienced dizziness with ringing ears at least every other day for quite a while. It is now down to once a week. This episode heightened my anxiety, I was almost always afraid it’d happen again and didn’t go out much. That has improved over time as well.

Venting, end.


Clearly, I needed to find something to do to keep myself sane until I have a job and a stable routine. So I’m going to completely focus on improving myself and get myself healthy as I can be. I also hope to lose 50 pounds.

I’ve decided to start transitioning to a vegan diet. I already don’t eat dairy except for the occasional sprinkle of cheese (rare!) which is making this change easy. So far I’ve only ate meat (only chicken or turkey) once a week in three weeks. I cut out eggs completely for three weeks now too. Hoping for zero animal products in my diet by December.

I bought the Body Boss Fitness guide as a birthday gift to myself almost a year ago. It’s a 12-week step-by-step exercise program. I LOVE it even though I have yet been able to do the full 12 weeks. I’ve attempted it many times and things keep coming up which made me have to stop for a week or so each time! I am now going to attempt it once again, and hopefully this time nothing comes up to hinder it.

I also will be walking for an hour daily.

To document my process, I will be posting regularly on Instagram – @chipsandsmoothies – and posting a Youtube video every two months.

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