Hello 34!

Yup, it’s my birthday today. Holy crap… 34.

And here is 35 things I hope to achieve before I turn 35 next year.

  01. Get another tattoo… or two
  02. Be able to do a handstand
  03. Do a photo a day on IG for a year
  04. Get my driver’s license
  05. Knit an infinity scarf
  06. Do the Body Boss program and complete it (including pre-training)
  07. Really learn how to read tarot cards
  08. Go camping
  09. Grow my hair past current record
  10. Adopt another cat
  11. Have 6+ house plants
  12. Be in four states at once
  13. Be an “interior decorator” for a friend
  14. Visit filming locations of The Goonies in and around Astoria, Washington
  15. Host a craft night
  16. Be a hair model
  17. Do an ASL music video
  18. Host a fondue dinner
  19. Create a non-profit website
  20. Have a vacation with an old friend or two
  21. Participate in the Zombie Walk
  22. Have $—- in my savings account for emergencies
  23. Lose 50 pounds
  24. Create two capsule wardrobes (spring/summer and cold rainy season)
  25. Build a snowman
  26. Find a boyfriend (Cheesy, I know but I want to have kid(s) eventually and there isn’t much time left!)
  27. Crochet a blanket
  28. Re-read the entire Harry Potter book series
  29. Go sky-diving
  30. Take a float plane to Vancouver
  31. Photograph a sunrise and a sunset in the same day
  32. Go in a sensory deprivation tank
  33. Go on a road trip
  34. Do 5 new 1000-piece puzzles
  35. Plan something for my 35th birthday

(I will come back to this post and update it whenever I achieve one.)