The title says it all. Listed below are things I hope to do before I turn 40. Once I achieve each goal, I will link the goal to its photographic evidence on Instagram.

time left:


  01. Go on an Alaskan cruise
  02. Host a fondue party
   03. Grow my hair past current record
  04. Go on a cross-country road trip
   05. Own a bicycle
  06. Go ziplining
  07. Receive a second diploma
  08. Do a vector of a photograph as a gift
  09. See the Northern Lights
  10. Visit friends/family in Ontario/Quebec
  11. Take dance classes
  12. Get my driver’s license
  13. Complete 365 days of photos
  14. Start a Youtube channel Colour Me Nina
  15. Adopt a second cat
  16. Create a recipe book
  17. Visit the East Coast of Canada
  18. Get a tattoo each year
  19. Visit Universal Studios
  20. Grow my own vegetables
  21. Knit an infinity scarf
  22. Have 6+ house plants
  23. Go tandem skydiving
  24. Camp on a beach
  25. Learn how to read Tarot cards
  26. Become a property owner
  27. Spend NYE in another country
  28. Get a food allergy test done
  29. Do 12 weeks of Body Boss
  30. Get a canvas made of my sunset photograph
  31. Travel the UK
  32. Go whale watching
  33. Make a fairy/elf garden
  34. Roadtrip the Pacific Coast Highway
  35. Get a pool membership & swim as part of my workout routine
  36. Take the same photo every season
  37. Fly first class
  38. Get professional photos done
  39. Make a quilt
  40. Do a weekend road trip for my 40th

(header photo credit: Céline Taylor)